Cut Crystal Nut Bowl Set Art Deco Nostalgia Set of 6


Charming hand-blown crystal Bowls Set decorated with hand-cut Art Deco Nostalgia pattern. Crystal glass has a high refractive index and gorgeous glitter.

  • Perfect for nuts, sweets or salads. Fit well into Art Deco Salad Bowl.
  • Nostalgia pattern is following the Art Deco tradition. The decor use the contrast of matte and polished cuts mainly in linear structures.
  • Diameter: 4.5 in (116 mm); Height: 2.25 in (55 mm); Weight: 0.75 lbs (300 g).
  • You can buy Pair, Set of 4 or Set of 6 Bowls. Larger sets have a significant discount.

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Full Description

Crystallo products are made from the Genuine Bohemian Crystal (GBC) and therefore of the highest quality.