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Gemstone water for home & workspaces

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Gemstones in Vials  accompany with  ERA decanters  and  GRANDE dispensers  are PERFECT for every use,  all the day.

Perfect for home moments

From sunrise to middnight, ERA decanter will accompany you throughout the day.

The elegant ERA decanter is the most efficient, hygienic and affordable solution to prepare pure Gemstone Water at home like fresh-from-the-spring.   ERA decanter with a stainless steel lid holds safely your precious Gemstone Vial in place and you can enjoy the beauty of the gems inside the Vial.

Preparing of GemWater is easy:  fill ERA decanter with tap water and put Gemstone Vial, fixed to the decanter’s lid. Waiting just  7 – 10 minutes and it will transform it into water of fountain quality.

By applying gems to ordinary tap water, we get vitalized water and lively, as from the spring.

Arranged in beautiful water decanters, VitaJuwel Gem Vials are an exclusive eye-catcher in every household.

Perfect for business & work spaces

In numerous spas, hotel receptions, waiting rooms of doctor’s and alternative practitioner’s, beauty salons and in premium-class gastronomy, Gem Vials and GemWater GRANDE dispensers by VitaJuwel are synonyms for health and wellness in the most elegant form.

Pure water like fresh-from-the-spring comes in a beautiful vessel with seemingly free-floating Vial full of precious gems.

GRANDE dispenser with an astonishing design makes catering and serving of water an exciting experience.

Imagine GRANDE dispenser in a downtown boutique, in a trendy gallery, a cosmopolitan coffee shop, at a cozy home, a tranquil spa, a bright jewelry store…  and don’t forget the socials and events!

GRANDE dispenser

GRANDE is a gemwater fountain like no other. It is the state-of-the-art solution for all environment to serve more than just a few cups of water to guests or to thirsty family.

VitaJuwel GRANDE dispenser has an extra-large top opening to make cleaning as easy as 1-2-3.  The stainless steel faucet is leakproof.  As the diameter at its foot is just 6,9 inches, it fits in every apartment kitchen or water bar.

GRANDE is made of  lead-free glass  and it  holds 2 gallons  (7 l) of GemWater and works with available blends of Gemstone Vials.

The Gemstone Vial seems to be floating inside the glass dispenser, while being firmly fixed to the decanter’s lid.  The risk of breakage is close to zero.

GRANDE comes in a set that includes the dispenser (incl. lid and faucet) + the glass stand + one of a large variety of Gemstone Vials. Gem Vials are exchangeable; you can have one dispenser and several Vials an change them in a dispenser.

Start thinking about water in a new dimension.


Magic lighting

To make GRANDE dispenser even more attractive, we’ve designed a special LED light for the stand, to illuminate the decanter and the water inside from below and to create special GemWater moments.

Gemstone VIAL

Original VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials are so much more than just jewelry for water. They are the most efficient, hygienic and affordable solution to prepare pure, fresh-from-the-spring  GemWater at home.

Just place your Vial in a decanter filled with drinking water, wait about 7 – 10 minutes and enjoy your own GemWater.

You can put the Gemstone Vial in any pitcher or decanter, but the best and safest is to use it with an ERA decanter and GRANDE dispenser.

Every single Vial is hand-crafted of Bohemian lead-free glass by master glass-blowers in an artisanal, patented process. We use exclusively  fairly-traded  and  hand-picked  gems.

Gemstone Vials are available in many amazing  gemstone blends  and it can be purchased separately.

Gemstone Blends

We offer a wide variety of fascinating gemstone blends, each has a different effect and taste. All gem blends was tested by naturopaths and are based on the insights of modern crystal healing.

Hand-picked gemstones, fairly-traded.

LOVE gem blend

Crystal Virtues

If you are conscious of the spiritual essence of our being, you can select a gemstone blend according to Crystal Virtues and chakras. Through the flow of life energy, chakras open, strengthen and bring to balance.

ERA decanter

ERA decanter is the best way to enjoy your gemstone water at home. It’s handmade of  lead-free glass  by master glass-blowers in Czech Republic, Europe.

Gemstone Vial appears to be floating inside the glass decanter, while being firmly fixed to the decanter’s lid.  The risk of breakage of Vial is close to zero.

ERA  is dishwasher-safe (including its lid) and holds 44 fl.oz (1,3 l) of Gem Water.

ERA decanter comes with a lid which does not to be taken off while pouring water.  It’s easy to use.

ERA decanter set includes the decanter (incl. lid)  + one of a large variety of Gemstone Vials.  Gem Vials are exchangeable; you can have one decanter and several Vials an change them in a decanter according to your current mood or needs.


Show your Vials

Keep your Gem Vials ready for use.

With a practical glass display, the Vials will always be stored safely and while you can see the beautiful gems inside the Vials.  Holds 3 Vials.

Perfect for  EVENTS

Each event will be brighter when the GemWater will be served. Surprise your guests with ERA decanter or GRANDE dispenser inside which floating a beautiful Gem Vial filled with precious gems.

Arranged in beautiful water decanters, Gem Vials are an exclusive eye-catcher  at every party.

GRANDE dispenser with magical LED lighting will be the stunning decoration of beverage bar.

VitaJuwel was elected by the jury of the “Gastro Vision Advancement Award 2008” as the most innovative product of the industry. The Jury was most appreciated VitaJuwel as “an ideal and extremely hygienic method to create gemstone water“.

Sanus Per Aquam   / Health through water

Perfect for SPA

Every day, millions of women and men worldwide visit a spa to get sophisticated skin treatments. Modern spas use holistic approaches including not only creams and peelings but also, quite simply, water!

Scientists have found out how drinking water affects the skin. Ten minutes after drinking water, the blood circulation of the skin improves, the oxygen supply rises and the skin’s metabolism gets encouraged.  These effects support the protective function of the skin. The vitalization can be seen in the long-run by a fresher appearance of the skin.

Welcome guests with a glass of VitaJuwel GemWater and talk about the importance of water for a fresher look.  Have a decanter of gemwater ready to use during treatments as it’s not only a unique eyecatchher and conversation piece but also a valuable tool of modern holistic skincare.

Perfect for  Yoga,  Ayurveda,  Wellness,  Relax …

Modern times bring to our lives the speed and the constant interconnection. We are still full of the tension that our body puts into disharmony.

Over the centuries, wise men and women have studied the energy nodes of the subtle body and how to bring these in balance with the use of crystals and gems.   The healing effect of gems is one of the oldest knowledge of our civilization,  known as  CRYSTAL  HEALING.

Through the flow of life energy, chakras open, strengthen and bring to balance.   This energy comes from nature, from the very essence of our being. Each of the gems and crystals present in VitaJuwel products is in natural harmony with this energy.   It affects the opening of individual chakras and the use of their full potential.

By applying gems to ordinary tap water, we get vitalized water and lively, as from the spring. Therefore, it is important to drink fresh, revitalized Gemstone Water.

VitaJuwel has created a limited edition  AYURVEDA  gem blend  that contains seven different gems, one for each of the seven chakras.


ERA  decanters

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