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Crystals Water

By applying crystals (gems) to ordinary tap water you get vitalised water and lively as the spring water







Crystals Water  =  Gem(stone) Water

… is water treated with natural gems

The water absorbs the energetic vibrations of the crystals, stores it and becomes good for drinking.

Gemstone water created by VitaJuwel minerals has a crystalline structure comparable to natural spring water.

VitaJuwel’s gemstones, hand-picked and gained by the fair-trade system, emit energy that affects the water very positively.

Sample of ordinary tap water

This photo taken by HadoLife laboratory (co-founded by dr. Masaru Emoto) shows water crystals of regular tap water under the microscope at -30 Celsius.

Sample of water treated with VitaJuwel

After placing a VitaJuwel Vial in the water for 7 minutes, HadoLife lab took another microscopis photo.  It impressively shows how the water crystals are influenced positively by the effect of the gems in the VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial.

By applying gems to ordinary tap water, we get vitalized water and lively as the spring water.

In the same way nature has been preparing water for millions of years.

Inspirit your water

The best way:  use  VitaJuwel  Gemstone Vials,  ERA Decanters  or  ViA Bottles.



The healing effect of gems is one of the oldest knowledge of our civilization. Old Greeks used simple stone putting into the water. Pedanios Diskurides, a Greek medical doctor in the 1st century AD, cured his patients with gems and minerals.

To Saint Hildegard of Bingen, German Benedictine abbess and healer who lived in the 12th century,  gemstones were  god-given treasures of nature  which had the power to be used as treatments for any kind of ailment, be it spiritual, mental or psysical.

To her,  stones were carriers of  “heavenly energies of creation” and emitted healing vibrations.  In her book “Physica” (around 1150 AD) she wrote about  “rock crystal water”.

In the past, you may have prepared your crystal elixirs by putting the gems directly in your drinking water. This means your gems needed to be thoroughly scrubbed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, regular scrubbing usually causes gems become dull over time.

With VitaJuwel, gems are encased in our ViA GemPod or our Gemstone Vial.  This means they don’t have to be cleaned, so they stay bright and shiny over the years.

Have you heard horror stories about stones that release toxic substances into the water or crystals impregnated with artificial resins?  VitaJuwel relieves you of these worries. Our carefully selected gems never come in direct contact with the water, so there’s no chance of water pollution.

Despite being sealed inside the glass,  the gems still vitalize the water.  The glass container acts as a natural prism for the crystal’s radiant energy.  This effect has been proven by lab analysis and can be tasted in our waters.



Gastro Vision Advancement Award 2008

Jury of the “Gastro Vision Advancement Award 2008” elected VitaJuwel as the most innovative product of the industry.

This desirable award honors VitaJuwel as future-oriented invention and timely product that is enhancing the world of healthy water in an esthetic, effective and pleasure-oriented manner.   The Jury states:

“When gemstones are placed directly into water, they always need to be cleaned carefully. Despite that, the gemstones were always releasing some substances, such as host rock or impurities that were consumed due to the direct contact.

When using VitaJuwel, this danger is completely excluded; to the contrary, all exudations remain in the vial. They float in the purified water and are unable to get into the drinking water. This even visualizes the pivotal advantages of VitaJuwel an ideal and extremely hygienic method to create gemstone water.”


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If you want to understand the universe,  think of energy,  frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla


Over the centuries, wise men and women have studied the energy nodes of the subtle body and how to bring these in balance with the use of crystals and gems.  Inspired by this ancient lore, VitaJuwel distinguished seven  crystal virtues  to help you decide on one or more of VitaJuwel gemstone blends.  Some blends may represent more than one of these attributes.

How to choose the right gemstone blend

There are no rules for choosing gemstone blend. Whether you let yourself be guided by intuition or choose a purely rational approach, everything is right.

Intuition based choose   …let listen your feelings. Such as the gemstone blend you’re looking at again and again is probably the right one for you.

If you are conscious of the spiritual essence of our being, you can select a gemstone blend according to Crystal Virtues and chakras. Through the flow of life energy, chakras open, strengthen and bring to balance.

This energy comes from nature, from the very essence of our being. Each of the gems and crystals present in VitaJuwel products is in natural harmony with this energy. It affects the opening of individual chakras and the use of their full potential.

Each gemstone blend is marked with a colorful symbol of those Crystal Virtues and chakras, on which the gem blend is most prominent.



VitaJuwel provides information on GemWater and gemstone blends that are part of VitaJuwel products. This information is intuitive in nature and not scientifically verified. VitaJuwel cannot guarantee results with any gem/crystal. While this field is speculative and exploratory, individuals are encouraged to use discrimination in diagnosing and treating illness for medical, emotional and/or spiritual conditions. You should never substitute gems/crystals for professional medical treatment when indicated for any condition.