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ViA Bottle + Tea Set
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Prepare your favorite  HOT or COLD  drink by adding  tea, fruit, ginger or herbs.

Tea lovers know that not only good tea leaves are needed to prepare good tea but you also need good water.

It’s not just premium leaves that make tea taste special, but also vital and pure water.

Would you prefer a tea made of tap water or made of spring water?

Supported by gemologists and tea experts, we’ve done a lot of research to find a perfect blend to prepare tea   … TEA TIME.

ViA +T  set   =   ViA Water Bottle  + GemPod  TEA TIME +  strainer with case

Enjoy with this gemstone blend moments in which the tea aroma extends through the delicate veil and let your senses reveal the delicate scent.


green moss agate  –  clear quartz

Green moss agate is known as the gem of mindfulness and creates valuable moments of silence and serenity. It is also said to help relax and improve the sensation of taste.

Its unique properties, supported with clear quartz, help to develop tea aroma like no other gemstone we know.

Crystal Virtues:

Love,  Harmony  &  Balance

TEA TIME  gem blend  is available only as ViA +T set.

ViA +T set  =  ViA Water Bottle + GemPod TEA TIME + strainer with case.   Not available as Gemstone Vial or separate GemPod.

How to prepare a drink with ViA +T bottle

Infusing your GemWater with  ViA +T set is easy: 

Just place the strainer in the upper opening of your ViA bottle, add your favorite ingredient and fill it up with hot (or cold) water. Let it steep and cool down until you can touch and hold the bottle safely.

We recommend using a neoprene HUGS sleeve to keep your drink warm and to prevent burns.

1.  Place the strainer in the upper opening of bottle, add an ingredient and fill it with water.

2.  Let it steep and cool down.

3.  Use a neoprene HUGS sleeve to keep drink warm and to prevent burns.