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March 9, 2019


Gastro Vision Advancement Award

Gemstone Vial

VitaJuwel Gemstone Water was elected by the jury of the “Gastro Vision Advancement Award 2008” as the most innovative product of the industry.  The Jury was most appreciated VitaJuwel as “an ideal and extremely hygienic method to create gemstone water“.

“…ideal and extremely hygienic method to create gemstone water.”

The Jury


Jury of the “Gastro Vision Advancement Award 2008” elected VitaJuwel as the most innovative product of the industry.

This desirable award honors VitaJuwel as future-oriented invention and timely product that is enhancing the world of healthy ater in an esthetic, effective and pleasure-oriented manner.

The Jury states:

“When gemstones are placed directly into water, they always need to be cleaned carefully. Despite that, the gemstones were always releasing some substances, such as host rock or impurities that were consumed due to the direct contact. When using VitaJuwel, this danger is completely excluded; to the contrary, all ecudations remain in the vial. They float in the purified water and are unable to get into the drinking water. This even visualizes the pivotal advantages of VitaJuwel an ideal and extremely hygienic method to create gemstone water.”

Perfect for Business & Work spaces

In numerous spas, hotel receptions, waiting rooms of doctor’s and alternative practitioner’s, beauty salons and in premium-class gastronomy, Gem Vials and GemWater GRANDE dispensers by VitaJuwel are synonyms for health and wellness in the most elegant form.

Pure water like fresh-from-the-spring comes in a beautiful vessel with seemingly free-floating Gemstone Vial full of precious gems.

GRANDE dispenser with an astonishing design makes catering and serving of water an exciting experience.

Imagine GRANDE dispenser in a downtown boutique, in a trendy gallery, a cosmopolitan coffee shop, at a cozy home, a tranquil spa, a bright jewelry store…  and don’t forget the socials and events!

Arranged in beautiful water decanters, Gemstone Vials are an  exclusive eye-catcher  at every party.

GRANDE  dispenser

ERA  decanter

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